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Rivers Embroidery

Black - Plate carrier flak patch - 2.25" x 4" embroidered patch on Black Fabric with a black edge trim – Hook Fastener

Black - Plate carrier flak patch - 2.25" x 4" embroidered patch on Black Fabric with a black edge trim – Hook Fastener

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Read the full description, it is important you understand the item(s) detail(s), how to order and the more specifics catered to each item.

Plate carrier flak patch - 2.25" x 4" embroidered patch on Black Fabric with a black edge trim – Hook Fastener


Size: 2.25" x 4"
Text:No more than 10 letters per zone line.
Hook Fastener is included


If you wish to have a design that is not in our list, please select custom art from the drop down menu. After entering your text for each zone, upload  the image you wish to have embroidered.

Note: GRAPHICS MUST BE SIMPLE VECTOR. The center graphic can only be 1 to 2 inches tall. Complicated images can be simplified however we advise you email us the graphic first to confirm it will work. SENDING IN COMPLICATED OR NO ARTWORK WILL DELAY YOUR ORDER.

Please send art to use BEFORE you place an order... NOT all art will work.... Again... DO NOT ORDER before you send art if you want art, emoji's, custom font or something special added. Only order first if it is ONLY text being added to the patch

Do not put parens, quotes, or any other symbolic the personation box unless you want your patch made with it. Please put exactly how you want the text to appear on the patch and not to add extra symbols or punctuation unless they want them included.

We have a lot of icons to choose from, unfortunately we maxed out the number of options we can list, if you see an icon from the image gallery, provide the name used in the photo gallery... each icon has a name below its image, provide this for the first line, followed by your information for each zone. PLEASE see the mockup for locations of each info zone.

For the flak patches, your text should look like this when you enter your text in the personalization box (10 characters per info field):

MAX 10 characters (inducing spaces, punctuations & etc) per Info field:
First row: Art file name pulled from the images to the left.

Art file name goes on top line. Next type out the text you would like for each info field. Format below is how your text should look when entered in text box:

Art name from menu:
Info 1 top left
Info 2 top right
Info 3 bottom left top row
Info 4 bottom left bottom row
Info 5 bottom right top row
Info 6 bottom right bottom row
Please see the image examples.

** Please list text for all fields exactly as you want them to appear on your patch. (You will have to list this in customer comments when you place the order, etsy does not offer a text field option.)

Art file name goes on top line. Next type out the text you would like for each info field.

NOTE: we use a standard block font unless you special requests made for a different font. If the requested font will work on the size of patch you ordered, we will use it, but only if it will work and it is legible... If it is not legible, and it DOES NOT look good, we will NOT use the custom font.

We use all caps on our patches unless you make a special request to use upper and lower case.

Our hook fastener (velcro) comes in only one color, black. We only offer the hard side of the hook fasteners, we do NOT carry nor offer the soft fuzzy loop side.

If ordering a custom design patch with your art, EMAIL us the art before you place the order. Some art will NOT embroider, especially on smaller size patches.

Add a custom look to your plate carrier or pack

If there is a zone you do not want any information in, please type: BLANK or NONE

For Custom ART (Your own art) scroll down to the bottom of the icon menu, there is an option for custom art (DO NOT choose USMC Custom this is a specific design show on the icon chart, if you do not want it)... choose custom art if you want your own design on the patch and in the personalization field, put your info for each zone (if you want a specific zone empty, you can leave it out or put blank in it.. for example "info 2 blank") after your info , put custom art: the art name or URL link.

Excessive text in one zone may result in some minor rearrangement of text to fit on the carrier, abbreviations, etc. Normally this results in additional lines, however we will do our best to make sure the plate carrier looks good.

Plate carrier flak 2.25" x 4" patch on Black Fabric with a black edge trim – Hook Fastener. Made on black fabric with polyneon thread.

NOTE to buyer: Our sew on patches are heavy duty, and rugged, you will need a machine to sew it on, hand stitching will be nearly impossible. Our patches have been referred to as armor plating due to their thickness and toughness.

Please Note: We do not contact you if you have an issue with your order or if you have a question. Only time WE WILL contact you is if there is an issue on our end. IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE LISTING, it is YOUR responsibility to ask us the question. We will NOT contact you when you order to see if you have any questions.

Please NOTE: The thread and fabric chart shows what we have in house, available on hand. The circles on the chart are filled with images of actual thread, while the rectangles on the far right are filled with images of the fabric we have. If you are not sure, please contact us before you finalize your order. We are not responsible if you choose incorrectly.

When submitting the order, in the comments and special request, please submit the info for each section labeled info1, info 2, etc. (correct spelling); please double check your spelling. Edge color will match the patch design unless specially requested.

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