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Custom Laser Engraved Leather half flag Patch: Iron on

Custom Laser Engraved Leather half flag Patch: Iron on

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Please read carefully...

Read the full description, it is important you understand the item(s) detail(s), how to order and the more specifics catered to each item.

****Please send art to use BEFORE you place an order... NOT all art will work, we will let you know if it can be made and provide file name if it can be made.... Again**** DO NOT ORDER **** before you sending ART if you want art, emoji's, custom font or something special added. We DO NOT DO PHOTOGRAPHS on patches, they are to detailed for the size of patches we offer.

Photographs or images similar to photos will not embroider. Those are too detailed for small patches. For photographs, we suggest a 8 inch tall by at least 8 inch wide patch or bigger. Contact us if for pricing.

Only order first if it is ONLY text being added to the patch.

This is for the leather custom half flag HAND FINISHED PATCH

Our custom genuine leather patches are a cost effective, stylish way, to promote your brand. This is the perfective alternative for designs that are too small to embroider. Easily to use via iron on backing.

Our leather patches are made with the top quality tanned leather hand dyed and polished to a rich med tan color giving the patch a beautiful, rich warm glow. We use top of the line software to design, digitize and then laser engrave your text and/or art onto the leather. We then carefully cut the patch to shape. Depending on your choice of fusible backing, we add the fusible backing so you can add it to any loop fastener hat, jacket, cooler and or duffle bag. All of our products are made in house, proudly in North Eastern Kentucky!! :)

***Please note we will work with you to make your logo engravable as much as we can, but the outcome of your leather patch design will reflect the quality of art work or image you provide us with.

Artwork or Logo: Please send us your logo using Etsy messaging before placing your order. PNG, SVG or vector format is preferred, but we are able to work with other options such as JPEG as long as the graphic is high quality. Once we have your art, we will create and send a proof with the file name for ordering.

We do have many design pre digitized, most all ranks and insignia, if we don't have it digitize we can get it quite quickly. Our art for the military comes straight from TIOH, to ensure correct art is used. :)


1: Email custom art or special request (font type, art, etc.) via direct email or Etsy messenger. (please allow time for response due to art request volume)
2: Receive art proof, suggested changes if needed... if not, proceed to link to place order.
3: Select the type of backing you would like
4: Add custom file name we provided into the personalization box or your personalization.
5: Choose the quantity you like for this one design Add to cart
Please note, if you are ordering mutliple leather patches with different art and or different text, you need to add the separately to the cart and then checkout. PLEASE do NOT put choose
3 for the quantity and ask for three different names and then add to cart... to do this you need to...
1st patch, select backing, add text or art file name, select 1 for the quantity, add to cart, go back to listing
2nd patch, select backing, add text or art file name, select 1 for the quantity, add to cart, go back to listing
if ready, then go to next step
5: If you are ready to checkout with current cart, proceed to checkout. :)

BULK ORDERING: We do offer bulk ordering options, please email us for a quote and turn around time for bulk orders.

We offer free domestic standard shipping with order starting at $35 and up. :)

If ordering a custom design patch with your art, EMAIL us the art before you place the order. Some art will NOT embroider, especially on smaller size patches.

***Please Note: We do not contact you if you have an issue with your order or if you have a question. Only time WE WILL contact you is if there is an issue on our end. IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE LISTING, it is YOUR responsibility to ask us the question. We will NOT contact you when you order to see if you have any questions.

Design your own custom art/logo patch or text patch with your choice of text, or art work. If you don't see the art you want send us the image via the message portal or to

We have samples of the most popular patch icons ordered, feel free to look through the images or send us your own art. Keep in mind, some art will not be legible, we will create a digital mockup prior to making your patch.

When submitting the order, in the comments section please provide special request or instructions. For art work, please attach image requested to be designed. The artist will be in touch with you if the art is not doable. Before we go to production, we will message you with the proof for pre-production approval.

When payment has been received, your order will be processed and sent ASAP. Monday through Friday. We will answer Etsy messages on the weekends, but We do not work on the weekends. Please allow up to two weeks to full fill orders, especially during peak seasons.

We will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding embroidery or digitizing, so please ask.

Due to the natures of this listing we do not give refunds, however should you have an issue with your order, we will happily make modifications and work with you to obtain the up most customer satisfaction.


The first thing you need for this process is an iron, a clean piece of fabric (such as a sheet or pillowcase) to protect your patch and clothing from any branding heat damage. It is best to test the material to make sure it will take well to the heat adhesive, and that the heat won’t scorch the fabric you are applying the patch too.

Once you have everything ready, set the iron temp setting to the hottest setting available for the fabric you are adhering the patch to. Also make sure to empty the water chamber and turn off the steam on your iron, which can interfere with adhering the patch. Make sure you align the patch to the area you would like it and double check your alignment before starting the heat process.

When ironing on shoes, hats or curved/arched items, fill them or create a support system using towels to pad the item and to keep them from shifting. This will make ironing the patch on to the item easier and more effective.

Now we are ready to adhere the patch. Once you have finalized the location you want the patch, remove the patch so you can prep the fabric… first iron the item you are attaching the patch too. This will remove excess moister, wrinkles and pre-heat the fabric. Once you have ironed the fabric, reposition the patch in your chosen location. Place a towel or cloth over the patch to protect it and the fabric from the irons heating element.Then, place the iron over the towel or cloth and patch to activate the heat adhesive. Press down firmly for approximately 30 seconds. Remove the iron and cloth. Make sure all areas and sides of the patch have adhered to your item, for areas that it has not take (curved areas, areas that was not covered by the heat or enough pressure for that area) reapply the heat and firmly press down in the loose area for 5 to 10 seconds at a time (with a cloth or towel over it) and recheck. To insure a secure bond, turn the item and patch inside out (if possible) and iron from eh back side, using a towel or cloth to protect the fabric. Reapply the heat and firmly press down in the loose area for 5 to 10 seconds at a time (with a cloth or towel over it)

Please note, once your item has been shipped, I have no control over it. I cannot reroute it or tell you what the post office is doing with it and why it isn't showing up on the tracking info. Please make sure you have the correct address listed on your account, we cannot change this once the shipping label has been purchased and printed.

Thank you so much for visiting our shop!!All art work and designs are copyrighted, use and copying of any and all designs is prohibited by law and will be strictly enforced.All orders are mailed as is, the store is not responsible for lost mail via the USPS system. Due to past scams we do not reimburse customers or replace orders for items lost in the mail. We will, however, help work with you and the USPS to track your orders down.Please note, that your monitor may not be calibrated to match what is in real life, the colors my vary. There for we are not responsible if you select a darker color than you wanted. Please pay attention closely when you are ordering. If you are not sure, please contact us before you finalize your order. Again, we are bot responsible if you choose a fabric and it is darker than your monitor showed it as.We charge extra for special ordering thread colors and fabrics. If we do not have them listed then it is a custom order and we have to charge for the cost of the custom fabric and custom thread colors. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Any orders canceled are subject to a materials/stocking fee. If you order has already been made, especially custom orders, you will be charged a materials fee. Digital mockups are just that, a digital "mockup", they are not physical proofs, please do not expect the physical items to be as PRISTINE as the mockups. If you insist on Canceling a order, there will be a fee for canceling, if you insist on canceling after your order has been made and is ready to ship, we will retain a restocking fee for materials used, for time and labor. Please keep this in mind. Thanks Management.

Materials: Leather,laser engraver,vector,hand drawn,velcro,iron on,sew on,ball cap,hat,jacket,father,dad,morale
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