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Rivers Embroidery

Freemasons Seekers of the Light - Masonic 3" Round morale patch - hook backing or sew on

Freemasons Seekers of the Light - Masonic 3" Round morale patch - hook backing or sew on

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Read the full description, it is important you understand the item(s) detail(s), how to order and the more specifics catered to each item.

Please note, when you are selecting the backing type, we only offer the options of sew on patches or velcro patches, the velcro is referred to as hook fastener or hook; we DO NOT offer the soft fuzzy loop side of velcro.

This patch is NOT 100% embroidered, only the text and art is embroidered, the background is 100% organic cotton white ripstop fabric.

ALSO please note, our hook fastener (velcro) comes in only one color, black... we do not offer coyote, od green white or any other color. When you select coyote hook, you are selecting the hard side of the hook fastener.

Made on cotton fabric with polyneon thread.

Please Note: The thread and fabric chart shows what we have in house, available on hand. The circles on the chart are filled with images of actual thread, while the rectangles on the far right are filled with images of the fabric we have. If you are not sure, please contact us before you finalize your order. We are not responsible if you choose incorrectly.

Designed on white fabric, with golden yellow lettering, square and compass and a finished blue satin edging.

Alternative color options available upon request, please message before purchasing if you are requesting alternative colors.

When payment has been received, your order will be processed and sent ASAP. Monday through Friday. We will answer Etsy messages on the weekends, but We do not work on the weekends. Please allow up to two weeks to full fill orders, especially during peak seasons.

We will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding embroidery or digitizing, so please ask.

Due to the natures of this listing we do not give refunds, however should you have an issue with your order, we will happily make modifications and work with you to obtain the up most customer satisfaction.

Please note, once your item has been shipped, I have no control over it. I cannot reroute it or tell you what the post office is doing with it and why it isn't showing up on the tracking info. Please make sure you have the correct address listed on your account, we cannot change this once the shipping label has been purchased and printed. Customer is responsible for return shipping.

Thank you so much for visiting our shop!!All art work and designs are copyrighted, use and copying of any and all designs is prohibited by law and will be strictly enforced.All orders are mailed as is, the store is not responsible for lost mail via the USPS system. Due to past scams we do not reimburse customers or replace orders for items lost in the mail. We will, however, help work with you and the USPS to track your orders down.We charge extra for special ordering thread colors and fabrics. If we do not have them listed then it is a custom order and we have to charge for the cost of the custom fabric and custom thread colors. Sorry for any inconvenience.Please note, we DO NOT have the soft loop fuzzy side of the hook and loop backing (velcro), this cost us extra to purchase and would add more to the item.

Any orders canceled are subject to a materials/stocking fee. If you order has already been made, especially custom orders, you will be charged a materials fee.Please note fabric and/or thread colors may be lighter or darker than depicted in computer renderings. Digital mockups are just that, a digital "mockup", they are not sewn out proofs, please do not expect the physical items to be as PRISTINE as the mockups. The physical items will look slightly different due to the size of the needle and the width of the thread.If you insist on Canceling a order, there will be a fee for canceling, if you insist on canceling after your order has been made and is ready to ship, we will retain a restocking fee for materials used, for time and labor. Please keep this in mind. Thanks Management.Please note we do NOT have ANY soft loop side of the velcro, we only carry and have the hard hook fastener side.

Materials: Digitize file,embroidery machine,computer,fabric,thread
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